Bhitarkanika Santury is closed for Census from 5th to 13th of January 2024.

Escape to the wild and reconnect with the magic of the natural world through our Nature Trips and enchanting camps. Whether you’re an avid wildlife enthusiast or simply seeking a revitalizing escape, our journeys promise a profound connection with nature that will leave you in awe of the planet’s beauty and wonder. Join us in promoting responsible tourism and conserving the Earth’s wildest corners for generations to come.

Our Package Trips are all inclusive basis to give you a hassle free visit to the Park.

We believe in responsible tourism that leaves minimal impact on the environment. Our Nature Trips and camps and accommodation units are here to strict eco-friendly practices, ensuring that the delicate ecosystems you explore remain preserved for generations to come. By participating in our journeys, you contribute to the conservation efforts that safeguard these natural treasures. Our village people taking care of your stay, meals, visits will make you comfortable in this remote area to cherish the memory for years to come.

Our camps and Guest Houses are an experience in themselves. Nestled in the Dangamala village within the heart of nature, these accommodation units or camps blend comfort with a rugged, immersive atmosphere. Wake up to the calls of birds and the rustling of leaves, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the wilderness. Embark on guided hikes through pristine trails, engage in birdwatching trail to spot the species, and partake in thrilling boat rides that promises heart-pounding encounters with the untamed. Capture stunning photographs of your encounters, creating lasting memories of your adventure.

Dear Guest,

Welcome to the practical side of Nature Camp, Bhitarkanika. Our camp is built by the help pf the people of Dangamala Village for the purpose of giving you a peaceful sleep and stay. Nature camp is a business but with a humanitarian vision and mission. We have during the building process paid Local people and craftsmen/women with fair manner, and choose to continue this with the local people who are a part of our wonderful team.

Nature Camp is aware of the environmental issues tourism is creating with plastic bottles, bags and rubbish been tossed carelessly. Unfortunately Dangamal village administration can not support with a waste disposal system. So we will do our best to gradually implement the facilities for the Waste Management. We need more resources and support.

We hope our guest will participate in keeping it green, by not to changing bed linen and towels daily – we don’t at home so why should we here, avoid wasting water and electricity among many other things.

Nature Camp is to consider parents traveling with children, by creating a very exciting safe natural experience in the village, play around, where children amuse themselves – while the parents can find some peace and rest, read, eat, lounge and relax.

Our aim is to give our guest a complete feeling of home away from home – but in a natural village environment, most people come from cluttered and environmentally polluted city areas, starving for the sound, silence, feelings and sensation only nature can provide. We will do our uttermost to provide a truthful, genuine and honest experience in our space for our guest.