Bhitarkanika Santury is closed for Census from 5th to 13th of January 2024.

Jungle trekking at Bhitarkanika is a unique experience and exciting adventure that allows you to explore the rich biodiversity of the Bhitarkanika National Park and wildlife sanctuary. This ecologically significant area is renowned for its mangrove forests, estuarine crocodiles, and diverse bird life. Here is what you can expect from a jungle trekking experience in Bhitarkanika.
In Bhitarkanika is home to one of the largest mangrove ecosystems in India. The trek takes you through these dense mangrove forests, offering a chance to witness the unique flora and fauna that thrive in this environment. You may encounter a variety of wildlife during your trek including saltwater crocodiles, monitor Lizards, kingfishers, wild boar and deer. Bhitarkanika is famous for its population of estuarine crocodiles and you might spot them basking in the sun on the river banks or swimming in the estuaries. The park is paradise for bird enthusiasts. You can spot numerous migratory and resident bird species, such as kingfishers, herons, egrets and sea eagles. The best time for bird watching is usually during August to October when migratory birds visit this region. The trek offers stunning views of the meandering rivers, tidal creeks and lush greenery of the mangroves. The serene and untouched natural beauty of Bhitarkanika is a sight to behold